Terry Brugger's Old Project Plans

This page collects the projects that I once noted on my Projects page that I wanted to do, but that haven't yet panned out. My primary distraction has become graduate school, but as so much time has passed since most of this stuff was envisioned, some of the ideas have morphed (I use iTunes instead of XMMS these days), and others really aren't of interest to me anymore (I don't use a Palm anymore). I've collected them here partly for historical value, partly because I might get back to them someday, and partly because they might resonate with someone else.

When I'm not totally bogged down with Work & school, I'll be working on an improved To Do List for my Palm Organizer. I think the one that comes in ROM is nice enough, but rather short-sided in its capabilities. I haven't found any third-party replacements that really address what I need, so I'm writing my own. Take a look at what I've got so far if you're interested, I'd like any feedback that anyone's got at any stage of the project. Once I actually have something running, I'll announce it on Freshmeat.

The main purpose of my organizer is to get a grip on all the projects I want to do. Next up is my wishlist. Basically a program that's like a To Do list, only it's a To Get list - balance the priorities of what I want to buy based on their relative value and cost. It'll probably be X based, but the idea of a Palm front-end with a conduit intrigues me.

Given that (and if you know me, that'll take forever), I want to improve XMMS (formerly X11-Amp) to handle preference in its playlist, so I can rate songs and it'll learn that it should play more PSB and less Iggy Pop. Eventually, I want to expand that so that it'll learn multiple people's preferences and reconcile them, so that if Kara and I are in the same room, it'll play less Erasure or Garth Brooks and more Billy Joel (one of the few artists we unquestionably agree on). There are other ideas that I'd like to play with, like connecting songs so that it'll play certain songs back to back, things like that, but the preferences thing is my main idea.

After that, I want to work on a fancy CASE system designed for collaborative environments that integrates everything from original idea inception and requirements through coding, documentation and deployment. The basic idea is to integrate it all together so that I can link some code to a requirement and follow that link both ways, or select the level of comments that I want to see as I work on code, so, for example, I can filter out all the documentation comments and see more of my code in the editor at once. Also, some things to reduce conflict over petty things on the project, like a dynamic source code formatter that formats the code to each developer's tastes as it's retrieved from the repository. I have some preliminary notes on Software Configuration Management that represents what made me think of this idea. They aren't that great, but may be of interest to any other code jockies out there.

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