Updating Your Web Site

You've got your web site, and are getting excellent responses to it. But now, some of the information is old or has changed.

Brugger Ink can update your web site for a minimal fee. The more drastic the changes, the higher the fee. Almost all of our web updates cost under $20.00, some as low as $5.00. In every contract, we specify up front what each type of update will cost. No surprises! So, consult your contract for specific update pricing.

The internet and World Wide Web are information on demand systems. By periodically updating your web site, you'll be constantly adding new information and deleting old or inaccurate information.

Brugger Ink can not over stress the importance of up to the minute information being presented on your web site. Adding and updating newsletters to your web site is a good way to keep it fresh. By updating your page regularly, costly major overhauls of the site can be avoided.

The Fine Print on Updating Web Sites

The inclusion of weekly specials or advertising is a wonderful idea. It is the ultimate way to keep your web site fresh and up to date without a large headache. However, there are a few things to keep in mind should you choose to include daily, weekly, or monthly advertising changes.


If you wish to include "timed" advertising, let us know as soon as possible. If we haven't quoted a price yet, or have not yet finished your web site, a price discount might apply. We want to keep your web site affordable, even with weekly or daily updates. To do this, we may give a discount on your web site knowing that there will be future updates. If you wish, we may include a set number of updates in the price.


There are roughly 52 Saturdays in a year. DO NOT include wording such "Saturday and Sunday Only!" in your advertising! Where possible, be date specific. Include the month, day, and year. You do not want your potential customer wondering if you mean, this weekend, next weekend, or a weekend 3 months past.


Brugger Ink generally requires 72 hour notice of changes to web sites, if we host the site. If we do not host the web site, please allow 7 days notice for web site changes. This will allow us time to deliver/ship your web site. As with every rule there are exceptions, however, exceptions to the rule can be guaranteed.

Last Word

When including "timed" advertising on your web site, be prepared to spend more time preparing the content for your web site. Weekly or monthly updates are usually sufficient to meet most needs. We want you to be able to enjoy the benefits of your web site without a huge hassle. To keep headaches to a minimum we suggest the following: