Why We Specialize

You'll find that most web design houses don't cater to one specific type of business. Instead, they may specialize in designing web sites to be viewed by a specific web browser.

Brugger Ink has broken that mold. Not only do we specialize in small and home based businesses, but we also design our web pages for maximum viewing.

Creating web sites for mainly small and home based businesses allows us to concentrate on advertising methods that benefits you most. Whether you're a product based business attempting to increase your sales, or a service business trying to expand your client base, we have web solution for you.

The Web Can Play A Large Role In Your Advertising Campaign

Many large companies expect their web sites to play small roles in their advertising campaign. They have the funds to advertise in nationwide newspapers, radio and television. Small businesses don't have the resources to spend large amounts of money on huge advertising campaigns.

Let your web site help you. Your web site can play a major role in your advertising, with little demands on you. Home based businesses don't have store fronts. And small businesses often don't have large or well located store fronts. Let the Web act as your store front.

There is a limit to how much you can advertise in brochures, pamphlets or signs in the window. A web site can convey more information and bring you more customers than a flyer or advertisement in the window. You can place as much, or as little, information as you want on your web site.