Web Sites Don't Have to be Expensive

Most of our competitors will charge two or even four times the amount Brugger Ink charges for a similar web site. How can we afford to design web sites for such a low cost? As a home based business, we have low overhead.

We also believe there is a large mark up in web design. Brugger Ink feels the mark up in design fees is unwarranted. Every business, even small or home based businesses, should be able to afford a professional, content rich web site.

Cost Factors of Web Sites

So just how much should you expect to pay for a web site? The price is entirely dependant on what you want. A basic 2 or 3 page web site, will range between $20.00 and $60.00. This would include "welcome", "about" and "contact" pages. Factors that affect cost are listed below.

The list is endless. Just about anything that you can dream up, we can create. The more elaborate the web site, the more expensive.

Contacting Us for a Price Quote

When contacting us for a price quote, don't worry about how much something is going to cost you. Tell us what you want, not what you believe you can afford. We will give you a price quote based on what you've told us you want. We may surprise you by being within your budget! If for any reason the quote does not fall within your budget, we can scale back or cut out some features until we are.

So go ahead. Call our competitors and get some quotes. Then call us and see how affordable a web site should be!