What is "Maximum Viewing?"

So you've decided to have a web site created for your company. You've browsed the web and have been thinking of what you would like your web site to look like. You've seen sites with "This site best viewed with Netscape 4.0" or similar wording. What does it all mean?

At Brugger Ink, we don't believe in creating a web site that is specifically geared towards one web browser or another. We design web sites to be viewed by all browsers, on all computers, at all modem speeds.

Not all people use Netscape or Internet Explorer. Mosaic and Lynx are just two examples. While older than Netscape and Internet Explorer, they are still widely used.

How can we design Maximum Viewing Web Sites

At Brugger Ink we have an intimate understanding of how each web browser works. For example, Lynx does not show images. To address this, we use alternate text whenever images aren't loaded.

Should you chose to have a "framed document" in your web site, we will always create a mirror "non-framed document" for those browsers that do not display frames. We don't believe in making your potential customer click through hoops to get to the mirrored page either. If a browser doesn't display frames, the mirror loads automatically.

There are many more unique "features" that we face by creating web sites that work with all browsers, but we have creative solutions for all of them, at no additional cost to you.