Custom Made Graphics

Whether it's photos, or original artwork, Brugger Ink can customize graphics for your web site. We use a variety of artwork and photo suites to produce artwork and photos for your web site. We can even create logos and other artwork for use in your traditional, paper advertising.

Photos, Newsletters, and Business Cards

We will scan a set number photos, newsletters, and business cards you wish to be included on your web site at no additional cost. We then adjust color and contrast if needed to create pleasing graphics to include on your web site.

The Fine Print
Please consult your pricing quote for exact numbers of scans included. When creating a pricing quote, we estimate how many graphics per web page and then add a generous margin. Most customers will never even reach the maximum number of free scans allowed. Should you exceed your free scans allowed, each additional scan will be for a nominal charge.

Customer will retain all copy rights and ownership of digitized graphics created from hard copy presented by the customer to Brugger Ink.

Original Artwork

Brugger Ink will create any original artwork you request from Borders to Banners and Flaming Logos to Flying Flamingos! Most web sites will include some form of original artwork.

The Fine Print
Please consult your pricing quote for the exact number and type of original artwork included in the quote.

Brugger Ink retains all copyrights and ownership of original artwork unless otherwise noted in the contract.

In the event that Brugger Ink creates a logo or other paper advertising artwork, customer will have copyright and ownership.