Everybody loves Freebies! At Brugger Ink we believe in rewarding our customers that continue to bring us more business. That's why we've developed a referral bonus program.

For every new customer you refer to us, we give you one free month of web hosting! A "Brugger Bucks" coupon will be mailed to your home or e-mailed to your personal account to let you know of your bonus.

Brugger Bucks can be cashed in for free web hosting services or you can save them up and use them towards updates made to your web site.

Remember, the more business you send our way, the more freebies you earn!

The Fine Print
Brugger Bucks will generally be issued in the amount equal to one month of web web hosting services. If Brugger Ink is not hosting your web site, Brugger Bucks will still be issued.

Consult your contract for actual Brugger Buck reward amounts.