Frequently Asked Questions

I have a personal e-mail account. Can my web site direct e-mail there?
YES! We encourage people who do not have an e-mail account to get one. We can even help you find an Internet Service Provider (ISP.)

Why does my business need a web page?
If you're in the phone book, you need a web page. Generation X is growing up. They are searching the web for businesses and services, not only nationwide but locally as well. It's not just Generation X, but all age groups are finding more and more reasons to search for products and services via their computer.

Can I really afford a Web Site?
YES! Brugger Ink brings you more web site for less money! We believe that everyone should be able to afford a web site that is content rich and professional looking.

My teenage son knows HTML, why shouldn't I have him create my web site?
Here at Brugger Ink, we have nothing against children and computers. In fact, both Kara and Terry started out as being the most computer literate in their households back when they were in grade/high school.

However, we have since been through college, worked with many graphics programs and in general are more knowledgeable about computers, HTML, and web design. We are the experts. We have the raw computing power to create professional graphics. Don't leave something this important to your business in the hands of anyone but an expert.

We encourage you to talk with your computer savvy children and ask them what they would like to see, or show you some neat web pages. Allow the experts, however, to create it.

I've seen a some of those do-it-yourself books for creating Web Pages. Why shouldn't I create my own web page?
For about the same price as those books, we can create a more professional web site, in less time than it would take you to read the book. By all means, if you are interested in learning more about HTML and web sites, purchase those books. Use them to create your "personal" or "family" web sites, but for your business? Trust the experts.

My Internet Service Provider (ISP) offers a free web page to all their customers. Why shouldn't I utilize that offer?
Your ISP is in business to supply you a connection to the internet. They are not necessarily the best people to design a web site for you. Often, they offer to design a single web page. Brugger Ink will design a web site. Single web pages lack a professional look and feel. Call us allow us to show you how affordable and easy it can be to have your own web site. Use your ISP's offer for personal or family web pages.

Your ISP may also have a free web page hosting offer. However, beware of the fine print. They may allow only a certain number of "hits" a month or otherwise limit you. Brugger Ink can host your web page for a nominal charge, leaving all the technical issues in our hands, which leaves you time to expand your business in other ways.