We Bring You the WWWorld!

Here at Brugger Ink, we specialize in creating professional, content rich, multi-page web sites at a low cost for small or home based businesses.

Specializing in your needs

Specializing in small or home based businesses allows us to concentrate on web site advertising to suit your unique needs. We're a home-based business too, so we recognize and understand the limitations and distinctive obstacles that your business faces.

Generation X is growing up

Every business needs a web site in today's marketplace. If you're in the phone book, you need a web site. Generation X is growing up. The computer raised generation is not using traditional means of gathering information, such as phone books and libraries. They are using computers and the World Wide Web to search not only products but services as well, nationwide and locally. Can you afford not to have a professional, up to date, web site?

It's not just Generation X that's hooked on the web. But children, Baby Boomers, and Grandparents! More and more people have internet connections at work or at home. The convenience of finding products or services any time of the day is luring more and more people to the web. They aren't letting their fingers do the walking anymore. They are letting their mouse do the clicking!

The Marketplace of Today and Tomorrow

The World Wide Web is not a fad. It's here to stay. It's not only a vital factor in today's marketplace, but the World Wide Web is shaping the marketplace of tomorrow.

When the Internet was created and the World Wide Web born, it was mainly universities and professors using it to share information. Who would have believed that Grandma would share her "Neighborhood Famous" cookie recipe via the Web? Or that companies and individuals would use it as a powerful advertising source? As the use of the World Wide Web continues to expand, can your business afford not to be online?

Affordable Web Design

In the past, only large companies could afford elaborate web sites. Brugger Ink believes that all businesses, small, medium, and large should be able to obtain quality web sites designed specifically for their needs at a price they can afford.